2013: Crete Sees Rise In Arrivals, Overnight Stays

Greece experienced increases of 10.4 percent in arrivals and 11 percent in overnight stays in hotels, campsites and other collective accommodation establishments in 2013, according to data from an accommodation survey conducted by the national statistics office ELSTAT.

According to the data, 72.6 percent of arrivals and 83 percent of overnight stays spent in hotels and campsites in the country took place from May to September in 2013.

Last year, Greece saw an increase in both arrivals and overnight stays of foreign visitors by 13.5 percent and 13 percent respectively, compared to 2012. The arrivals and overnights of Greek guests rose in 2013 by 5.2 percent and 7.9 percent respectively.

Also, the overall occupancy of beds in hotel accommodation (except campsites) stood at 45.2 percent in 2013, compared to 43.2 percent in 2012.

Which Greek destination attracted more guests?

The Region of Crete emerged as the destination that attracted the most tourists (18.8 percent of arrivals and 28.2 percent of overnights) in 2013, followed by the Region of Attica (18.7 percent of arrivals and 9.1 percent of overnights), the Southern Aegean (17.1 percent of arrivals and 24.4 percent of overnights), Central Macedonia (13.1 percent of arrivals and 11.2 percent of overnights) and the Ionian Islands (7.1 percent of arrivals and 10.9 percent of overnights).

Where did the tourists come from?

In regards to the country of origin of guests to Greece last year, the majority of visitors arrived from the Member States of the European Union (63.6 percent of arrivals and 69 percent of overnights). Tourists from the United Kingdom were in the lead as they were responsible for 12.1 percent of arrivals and 14.5 percent of overnights in Greece last year.

They were followed by the Germans (11.2 percent of arrivals and 15 percent of overnights), the French (7.6 percent of arrivals and 6.4 percent of overnights) and the Italians (5.6 percent in arrivals and 4.5 percent of overnights).

Tourist traffic from Russia to Greece last year was also high (10.7 percent of arrivals and 14.1 percent of overnights), ELSTAT showed.


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