Exotic species invade the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea’s biodiversity is seriously endagered by exotic species that have invaded mostly via the Suez Canal and continue spreading and multiplying, according to a new European scientific research. The research stated that over 1,000 exotic species among them fish, algae, crustaceans have already become regular in the Mediterrenean waters and depth.

The Mediterranean Sea hosts at least 17,000 known species (some of them have not yet been recognised). Over 20 percent of them do not exist in other sea of the Earth. The researchers sound alarm that this unique biodiversity is being threatened by exotic species.

The head of the research team Stelios Katsanevakis, member of the Environment Institute of Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Union, that published the report to the magazine “Frontiers in Marine Science” underlined that the repercussions of the exotic species are closely related to the human activities in several areas of the Mediterrenean.


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