5/10/2014: Local news in brief

At the end of the day, the most important news headlines from Crete:


  • Akrotiri in quarantine due to bluetongue
  • Crete takes the “gold” in animal cruelty
  • A motorcyclist was slightly injured, in an accident at Kladissos, when his motorcycle collided with a car
  • A car crashed to a bus stop in Souda Av. (outside IKA), in an accident during the night
  • A 34 year old man was arrested, having 642,5 gr of cannabis
  • Strong reactions from citizens of Platanias to the authorization on the part of the Ministry of Environment of the construction of wind farms on mountain peaks and mountain ranges of Crete
  • With complaints about delays and obstacles of the 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities in the rehabilitation of the Maritime Museum, the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Manolis Petrakis, asks a positive intervention by the Minister of Culture, warning of huge losses and damage by the rain of winter, due to serious problems on the roof.
  • EuroBirdWatch day was celebrated at Agia Lake
  • VIDEO: “Yperkopeli 5″ and “Yperkopelaki” at Agii Apostoli beach


  • Pill from Cretan herbs by scientists at the University of Crete
  • A motorcycle collided with a car, in an accident in Mires, on Saturday night. The motorcyclist was slightly injured and hospitalized at Venizelion Hospital
  • A fire broke out on a truck carrying hay, at the National Road
  • Four migrants complained to the Police for the action of traffickers in Crete. Trafficking started from Turkey, passed from Mykonos, arrived in Heraklion and ended in the south coast of Crete

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