International media report on ‘stunning’ mosaic revealed in Amphipolis tomb

A breathtaking mosaic revealed in northern Greece’s Amphipolis tomb has attracted international media attention.

Here’s what some of the world’s top news outlets wrote about the new find:

Holy Hermes! Mosaic Revealed in Greece’s Amphipolis Tomb

Archaeologists digging through an ancient tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece have uncovered a floor mosaic that covers the whole area of a room seen as the antechamber to the main burial site, NBC News reports.

Greece archaeologists uncover Amphipolis floor mosaic

Archaeologists unearthing a huge ancient burial site at Amphipolis in northern Greece have uncovered a large floor mosaic, BBC reports. The mosaic – 3m wide and 4.5m long – depicts a man with a laurel wreath driving a chariot drawn by horses and led by the god Hermes.

Giant mosaic floor uncovered in mysterious Alexander the Great-era tomb in Amphipolis, Greece

An imposing mosaic of a man driving a chariot has been uncovered in the largest antique tomb ever found in Greece, ABC News reports.

Stunning Mosaic Floor Uncovered in Greece’s Mystery Tomb

A large section of a stunning mosaic floor showing a chariot in motion has been unearthed in the burial mound complex at Amphipolis in northern Greece, the Culture Ministry announced on Sunday, Discovery News reports.

Mosaic uncovered in northern Greece could mark royal Macedonian tomb

Archaeologists excavating Amphipolis site have discovered an intricate, and largely intact, floor mosaic dating back to 300BC, the Guardian reports.

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