Greek archaeologists discover the burial mask of Philip II

Greek archaeologists have discovered debris of the burial mask the Macedonian king Philip II in Tomb II in Vergina (ancient city of Aigai), the capital of the Macedonian kingdom, Athens News Agency reported.

Philip II, the father of Alexander III the Great, wore the mask as chief priest during the Orphic mysteries.

Along with other findings found in two golden larnax (boxes), the archaeologists found traces of minerals huntite and porphyry in 350 bones.

The excavations lasted for four years will be presented at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki by the interdisciplinary Group University Excavations in Vergina.

The findings confirmed the theory that Philip II used to wear an artfully constructed golden mask which he used during his lifetime had been put on the face of the dead man before he was placed on the funeral-pile.

This was performed as a tribute and in recognition to his contribution according to the Macedonian burial tradition.

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