Telegraph: Greek village deliberately submerged…

Aerial footage (see here) has emerged of a village in Crete, Greece which has been deliberately sunk in an artificial water reservoir.

The controversial Aposelemi dam project, which should solve a water supply problem in Heraklion and other cities in Crete, requires that the medieval village of Sfendyli be almost completely submerged.

In the footage captured by a local resident using a drone on Monday, roads suddenly lead to nowhere and the tops of houses can just be seen from the surface of the water.

The beautiful village, which was home to around 80 people, also had a Byzantine 14th century church which was decorated with historic murals of the Fokas brothers.

The filmmaker said: “when Sfendyli was settled nobody could have predicted its fate. The village withstood invaders, but it seems it could not withstand the passage of evolution and progress”.

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