Antoinette de Boer came to Heraklion to find her parents

From Liontaria Sq., Heraklion, Antoinette de Boer started looking for her parents, in a search which will last for at least one week.

She is the 54 year old woman who is looking for her biological parents.

She tried to find them via the world wide web and social media, with no result, so she decided to come to Heraklion.

Her mother left her at Geronymakion Nursery, Heraklion.

Angeliki Nikolouli, TV hostess of “Fos sto tunnel (Light in the Tunnel)” TV show was interested in Antoinette’s case and helps her.

As Antoinette writes in an announcement…

“Dear people from Crete and Greece. We ask you desperate for helping us to find Antoinette’s biological mother. Or if you have any information, we are so thankful. Antoinette is searching her whole life to find and trace her. It’s so important to find her. Antoinette was born on April 12 in 1961. She was laid down at a public nursery place in a special box in front of the public nurseries house to deliver anonymous the baby in the city of Heraklion. When Antoinette’s mother delivered her and left her at the nurseries house she put a little letter with Antoinette. This letter you can see on this page. Please help us to find her.
Thank you very much”

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