The Municipal Council of Chania over the privatization of Chania Airport

In today’s meeting of the Municipal Council of Chania, the Mayor of Chania, Mr. Anastasios Vamvoukas proposed the participation of the Municipality and other Authorities from Crete to the investment group with the best privatization bid for the Chania Airport at HRADF.

At the end, there were two proposals…

To find out a legal way and the possibility of filing appeals against the privatization process.

The Municipal Council authorized the Mayor of Chania to arrange a meeting with leaders of all municipal parties to organize forms and modes of action.

This proposal was voted unanimously.

The second proposals was the one of Mr. Vamvoukas, for the participation of the Municipality of Chania and other Authorities, businessmen and banks, to the investment group after the privatization.

This proposal was voted by the majority of members of the Municipal Council.

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