China eyes on new airport of Kastelli

The meeting between the Greek and the Chinese PMs reaffirmed Chinese interests in Greek privatization efforts. Chinese premier Li Kechiang confirmed that China will dynamically enter the Greek privatization program.

Among Chinese targets are ports, airports, railroads, and also the energy sector. More specifically, Mr Kechiang noted his satisfaction for the Cosco investment in Piraeus, and also referred to the prospects of its expansion. Mr Kechiang reiterated that Greece remains the basic entrance point for Chinese goods into Europe.

Among the investments eyed by the Chinese firms for investments are:

1. Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport

2. The new airport at Kasteli, Crete

3. Railroad firm TRAINOSE

4. Thriasio Pedio logistics base

5. Thessaloniki Port Authority

6. Independent Regulator for Electric Power Transfer

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