Murderer escaped from Agia Agricultural Prison in Chania

Spiros Kavadias, the man who murdered his wife, Tania Haritopoulos, back at 1998 at Polihni, Thessaloniki, escaped from the Agricultural Prison of Agia in Chania.

In fact, Kavadias never returned after a five days off to go at his home.

As reports, incident occured almost a month ago.

General Director of the prison, Mr. Giannis Klapakis, stated to that Kavadias left the prison and never returned on schedule.

What happened back in August 22nd, 1998

The 27 year old woman was living with her husband and their 3 year old daughter in Polihni.

According to what the little child told to the Police, her parents had a fight and her father put Tania on the bed and covered her face with two pillows.

Her mother died from asphyxia.

Spiros Kavadias told the Authorities that his wife disappeared with another man.

He went to his sister to leave his daughter and told her that he killed his wife.

By the preliminary investigation conducted by the Police, it has been found that Kavadias had also killed his ex-wife, named Nicol Kirchner, in Switzerland.

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