Blue Flags & Green Keys in Crete

The environment and tourism are two very important issues in Apokoronas. How can they work together in a sustainable way encouraging tourism whilst not destroying the very things visitors come to enjoy?

Over the last few days there have been two important international conferences in Western Crete, the National Operator’s Meeting for the Blue Flag – held in Chania, and the National Operator’s Meeting for the “Green Key.

In both cases there were delegates from 50 countries.

Most of you will know about Blue Flag beaches as we have several in Apokoronas and are working towards more. I was pleased to present at the opening meetings of both.

Many of you will not have heard of the “Green Key” This is an association for sustainable and environmentally friendly hotels.

There will be more information on both associations in the next issue of the Environment group newsletter.

If you do not receive the Environment Group Newsletter and would like to be on their mailing list please contact them through their page on the website, where you can also download a copy of the newsletter.

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