Almost… panic by a fake article about an Ebola case in Crete

Rumors of an Embola case in Crete are denied by Mr. Nicos Charitakis, Manager of University Hospital of Heraklion.

As reported early in the afternoon by some blogs, a flight from Liberia landed yesterday afternoon at 16:45 at Heraklion Airport.

A passenger was transfered to the Hospital as allegedly infected with Ebola virus.

The author of the article wrote that his sources were a man from private security of the airport and members of the board of PAGNH.

In a few hours, every internet user in Crete was looking to find out what was going on.

Chania Post called the Commander of Regional Dpt. of Health, Mr. Antonios Grigorakis, who told us that there will be a lawsuit against all those who are responsible for disseminating false information over the internet.

There will also be an official Press release.

There was also a false information about someone infected with Ebola virus in Chania General Hospital, as someone from Lassithi called the Manager of the Hospital, Mr. Charalambos Doulgerakis, and asked him about it.

Mr. Doulgerakis denied everything, talking about liars, who are trying to panic all residents of Crete.


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