January 20, 2021



1999-2013: 650 Cretans put an end to their lives

Numbers are telling the truth… that’s what Greeks say… and the number of Cretans who put an end to their lives in the last 15 years is shocking!

Despite the fact that over the last 15 years, suicide rates have risen in Crete, the numbers indicate that at this time, 650 people put an end to their lives!

As pointed out by the psychiatry professor, Mr. Alexander Vgontzas, in a conference at Androgeo Hall (Heraklion), ” recent increase of suicides in Crete stresses that there is an urgent need for more social structures”.

The main reason for all who put an end to their lives is unemployment.

The purpose of the conference, entitled “Suicide: Effect of the economic crisis? Alternative proposals for dealing with it”, was to find solutions that assist in the prevention, diagnosis and support for people experiencing the effects of the crisis.

Watch a video by Thodoris Papadoulakis, sending a “message of life” to all of us:

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