The Court will decide for “Sifis” on Monday

The Court of Rethymnon will decide on Monday if “Sifis” the crocodile will stay at the lake of Potamon Dam permanently.

Nine citizens of Amari asked from the Cout to decide, telling that “Sifis” feels the lake as his new home.

In addition, they say that their village is a tourist destination… just because of the existance of the crocodile in the lake.

“It would be better for “Sifis” to return to Nile, but not transferred somewhere else in Crete”, said one of them.

At the same time, a plan B must be found to capture “Sifis”, as Olivier Behra has already gone to Madagascar.

The famous herpetologist said that he will be back in April.

As for “Sifis”, he is still free and swims at the lake with his… delicious friends… the ducks!

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