Authorities will continue trying to catch “Sifis”

As the Court of Rethymnon decided, local authorities will continue trying to capture “Sifis” the crocodile at the lake of Potamon Dam.

The Court rejected the injuction by 9 citizens of Amari, who were asking to stop any operation of catching the reptile and leave “Sifis” in a safe place inside the lake.

The final decision will be taken on December 10th.

The Mayor of Amari on Crete has proposed creating a special region for Sifis the crocodile once he is caught.

The fugutive crocodile that the locals call Sifis still looms at large since he was first sighted in the region in June. All efforts to catch him have failed, however the region profited considerably for the attention it received in the ongoing saga as the world’s best crocodile experts tried their hand at capturing the croc and all leaving empty-handed.

The mayor has released a statement rendering the capture of the crocodile as imperative in order to ensure the safety of residents in the area, however he believes that the crocodile should stay in the region.

He has suggested the creation of a special observatory near River Dam where the crocodile currently roams at large.

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