Theft of water and inexistent hydrometers in Apokoronas

The new Municipal Authority of Apokoronas tries to put an end to the theft of water in the area, and also to get all money owed to the Municipality.

As the new Mayor of Apokoronas, Mr. Charalambos Koukianakis, mentioned in a Press Conference, there a lot of citizens who owe thousands of euros from their water bills.

“By the 1st of December, from those who owe the most, we will take the hydrometers and cut the water. In some cases, they owe to the Municipality more than 50.000 euros per bill. We are also trying to find more than 1.500 hydrometers, because we cannot count the exact quantity of water consumed by those citizens and we just make an estimation”, said Mr. Koukianakis, who added that there is one case of stealing water, with 10 businesses using a local water pump for free for more than 10 years.

Mr. Koukianakis also mentioned that public works are starting in Kokkino Chorio, Asi Gonia and Maza.

“We will construct water tanks and we will change most of the water mains. We aim having the best water quality for all people of Apokoronas. That’s why we will continue water analysis in collaboration with an educational institute of Chania”, ended Mr. Koukianakis.

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