Low hotel prices in November

Greek hotel rates continue to remain at low rates during the month of November.

Currently Greece ranks as the eighth most inexpensive location within 24 European nations, concerning hotel prices that online travel booker Trivago generates.

The average rate for one night in a double occupancy room at a Hellenic hotel is 84 euros for November, marking a 2.4% increase from November 2013, as reported by Kathimerini.

Athenian hotel rooms average at 79 euros, revealing an 11.3% swell compared to the same time period last year. However Athens is the 10th most economical city, compared to the 50 European cities that Trivago assessed.

Geneva’s average rate is 229 euros, while London’s is 220 euros, marking them the two most expensive stays in Europe this month. Bulgaria at 59 euros and Poland at 57 euros, have the lowest rates for November.

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