“We need answers for the National Road Mr. Chrissochoidis”

Serious answers about the National Road of Crete and the new International Airport of Kastelli! That’s what Local Authorities have to hear from Mr. Chrissochoidis (Minister of Infrastructure) at the meeting held in “Atlantis” Hotel, Heraklion, with the presence of all Mayors and MPs of Crete.

Mr. Chrissochoidis believes that the involvement of the European Investment Bank in construction of the National Road -as proposed by the Regional Governor, Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis- will be very effective.

The Minister has to give specific answers on how the National Road will be constructed, on the 184,7 km remaining.

Officials in the Ministry of Infrastructure are mentioning that the construction of the National Road of Crete could be agreed through an availability payment and a concession agreement with private sector (total cost for the completion of the National Road is 1,5 bil. euros).

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