School of Physics of University of Crete, first in Europe

School of Physics of the University of Crete has been chosen as the best for its quantity and quality of scientific research, among 143 School of Physiccs throughout Europe.

It has been also chosen as the “top” school of Physics in Multurank, because of its global reach, its international scientific collaborations and its high amount of competitive funding from international organizations.

“We are very happy. This distinction gives us the strength to continue our scientific research”, mentioned Mr. Giannis Papamastorakis, Prof. of Astrophysics and General Manager at the Observatory of Skinakas.

Professors and students of the School of Physics talk about teamwork of human resources, the pioneering scientific work which attracts the most qualified applicants from around the world, and the innovative actions of all people in the Dpt.

The Physics Department implements the institution‘s assessment of teachers by students every year since 1997 and also offers online courses.

It’s worth mentioning that the University of Crete is the only Greek university which is present at the Times Higher Education Rankings.

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