A new kind of reptile spotted in Crete

A new kind of reptile was spotted in Crete. In particular, a population of almost 5.000 new kind of lizards of was spotted in Sitia, Lassithi.

It is known as Stellagama Stellio, which is a monotypic genus of agamid lizards.

Common names for the species include stellion, hardim, hardun, star lizard, painted dragon, starred agama, sling-tailed agama and roughtail rock agama.

Total length is up to 35 centimetres (14 in) or slightly longer.

Like many agamids, stellions can change color to express their moods.

They bask on stone walls, rocks, and trees. They are usually found in rocky habitats, and are quite shy, being very ready to dive into cracks to hide from potential predators.

The name “stellion” comes from Latin stellio, stēlio (stelliōn-, stēliōn-), which referred to any spotted lizard, from stella, star.

There are many subspecies, and S. stellio is likely a species complex. More research will be done, and this species may yet be split into several.

with info from wikipedia.org

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