Blood donation in Apokoronas

The Social welfare department of the municipality of Apokoronas is preparing the operation of the Municipal Blood Bank / Blood Donation, in collaboration with the Hospital of Chania, to meet the needs of units of blood donor volunteers, residents and citizens.

To build the Blood Bank blood donation has been organized on WEDNESDAY 26 NOVEMBER at HEALTH CENTER of Vamos.

The members of the Municipal Blood Bank will be provided with volunteer blood donor cards from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

With this card members will provide emergency units of blood for themselves or their relatives.

Simultaneously, the municipality Apokoronas will hold various awareness programs for the population about the need for voluntary blood donation, with information campaigns, awards volunteer blood donors, partnerships with local organizations, organisation of lectures and other related actions.

The council is also aware of the problems that arise for those of you from the UK who are unable to donate blood for your friends and family and the blood bank will help to cover this.

“Donation is a noble action, the results of which are save lives because blood is neither produced nor replaced.”

Only offered.

It is a matter of life. It is a matter of honor.

Info: Benaki Argiro 6978268265

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