Two brutal “murderers” are killing dogs in Chania

A dog in a field at Galatas village -close to Chania- was left to die without food and water, tied in a tree.

Neighbours were hearing a dog who was barking for several days, but they didn’t care about it.

The dog was asking for help… but noone went to save him from death.

According to the Police, the dog died 10 days ago, because he had no food and water.

The farm, where the dog was found, is abandoned and its owner has died.

Another brutal incident in Vamos

According to information, residents of a village in Apokoronas told to the president of Animal Welfare Association of Chania, that there is a farmer who kills dogs with his olive shaker/harvester, by hitting them on their spine.

Last incident occured three days ago.

Police is trying to find the… unknown “man”.


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