EDF Preparing to Invest 450 Million Euro in Crete

French energy giant EDF is preparing to invest 450 million Euro in Crete for the creation of a hybrid (hydroelectric-wind) power station with a total capacity of 190 MW, comprised of four wind farms and a hydroelectric generator.

The investment plans have already been approved by the Regulatory Authority of Energy and the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Yannis Maniatis. EDF’s Greek subsidiary claims that the project will reduce the cost of energy in Crete.

According to the plans, during periods of low demand, the energy from the wind farms will be used to transfer water to the hydroelectric station’s reservoir, which will then be used to generate energy when needed.

The hydroelectric station will be constructed at Koutralia–Ano Limnia, between Iraklio and Agios Nikolaos, while the wind farms will be constructed in Spina, Plakakia, Lampini and Kali Sikia.

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