Mikrolimano gunman photo leaked

gunmanmikrolimanoAlthough police have to officially wait until Tuesday to release the name and photograph of the extremely dangerous Albanian gunman who opened fire at a nightclub in Mikrolimano, Piraeus in the early morning hours on Saturday injuring more than 10 people, a photo of him has already leaked on the internet.

According to police sources, the Albanian national is registered with two names in the archives of the Hellenic Police: The first is Armben Glodian and the second is Albert Bako.

The dangerous gunman who is still at large was reportedly born in 1983 in Albania. Although it is quite possible the above information is inaccurate, as it has not been yet verified by the police, the use of two names by the criminal indicates that he is no stranger to crime.

A police manhunt is underway for the arrest of the 30-year-old man who is regarded as extremely dangerous and has allegedly been involved in other three bloody attacks in the past in which one person was killed.

Also, another video from security cameras has been released showing the Albanian national slowly and calmly approaching the nightclub before the attack and then fleeing the scene of the crime.


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