Sam Checkwas presented his book entitled “The miracle to feel Greek”

sam-chekwasDr. Sam Checkwas presented his book, entitled “The miracle to feel Greek”, in Technopolis, Heraklion.

Archbishop of Crete, Mr. Irineos, MP Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis and the Mayor of Malevizi, Mr. Costas Mamoulakis, honoured Dr. Checkwas for his effort to promote Hellenism and keep Greek spirit alive in Greeks abroad.

Who is publisher-writer Dr. Sam Checkwas

Dr. Sam Chekwas studied Greek language and Philology and also received a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

He is the author and translator or many books and was honored by the Greek  government with the Ambassador of Hellenism Award for his work in translating Greek language works.

He also received a Proclamation citation from the City Council of NY for his work in education.

He lives in New York with his wife and three children.

One of the most well known sights in Astoria is the Greek bookstore owned by Sam Chekwas.

This is the only Greek bookstore in New York!   Seaburn is situtated on 33-18 Broadway and offers a variety of Greek books.  Topics include ancient litterature and history, modern litterature and history, biographies, studies even art books.  Books are written in Greek and English.

52- year-old owner Sam Chekwas is a Nigerian who feels Greek.  He is fluent in Greek.  He was a student in Nigeria, when he read the tragedy “Antigoni” in English. From then on he bacame a huge supporter of the Greek spirit.

In the 1980’s he came to Greece to study and learn the Greek language. After becoming a dentist, he left Thessaloniki and travelled to America to meet his brothers.

In 1992, he invented Seaburn publications. He has already published 120 Greek books, including an anthology entitled Salonica Press.

In 1994, he inaugurated his bookstore which offers about 7,000 books. Who reads them? “They order them to me, and then I deliver them everywhere there is a Greek population.”, adds Sam.

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