Greek League Named the Worst in the World!

league tableThe British newspaper Dailymail ran an in-depth analysis of 34 leagues across the globe and the Greek one emerged as the worst of the lot. The Premier League and the Bundesliga topped the charts.

Most of us that follow Greek soccer don’t really need the study’s evidence to state the obvious, but nonetheless, we now have an official poll to track information from.

A range of factors were taken into account such as each league’s income and wages paid out, goals, ticket prices and attendance, ‘stardust’ and talent production, managers, trophies, competitive balance and contribution to the national game. Points were assigned to every league for every category and added up to see who comes out on top.

Greece finished 34th out of 34 contestants since Nigeria (!), South Africa (!) and Colombia (!) which (no disrespect to the pre-mentioned nations) are considered some of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in. Now, how their league tops the Greek one is beyond me, yet it still comes as no surprise.

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