SETE on the completion of the tender for the Greek regional airport concession

chaniaairport2In an announcement released on November 27, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) said that the bid of FRAPORT AG – SLENTEL Ltd. for a concession to run 14 regional airports in Greece is a vote of confidence in the prospects of Greek tourism.

The German-Greek consortium was named by the Greek privatization agency on Tuesday as the preferred bidder of the tender.

The record performance of Greek tourism in the last two years and its high potential based on the 2021 Roadmap have certainly contributed in the decision of FRAPORT AG – SLENTEL Ltd. to table such a high bid, SETE noted in its announcement.

“An important step is the adoption of SETE’s proposals for long term lease at competitive rates, which will upgrade the level of infrastructure, enable the provision of quality services and help strengthen the Greek travel and tourism product, promoted systematically by SETE,” said the announcement.

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