Drunk British soldiers smashed a glass shopfront in Chania?

British soldiers of the British warship “RFA Lyme Bay” seem to be the ones who smashed a glass shopfront (photo by zarpa.gr) at the centre of Chania during the night.

The ship docked at Marathi on Thursday morning (with 400 crew members and soldiers) and its crew went out in the evening.

Many of the soldiers drank a little bit more than usual and started shouting, singing and yelling all around the city of Chania.

Police was informed about the incident by residents of Voloudakidon str., that some soldiers smashed the glass shopfront of a store with clothes for children.

Meanwhile, early in the morning, a group of soldiers stood in the middle of Kissamou str., stopped car traffic and started singing.

In another case, some drunk soldiers fell unconscious at 1866 Sq.


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