Events for the 101st anniversary of Crete’s Union with Greece

enosikritisThe 101st anniversary of Crete’s Union with Greece will be celebrated the next few days, with the hoisting of the Greek flag over the historic fortress of Firkas in the old port of Chania.

President of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Evangelos Meimarakis will be present in the events, starting early this Monday morning in Chania, when the naval and Cretan division band will perform in the main streets of the city.

An official Doxology will take place in the Cathedral and then a procession will be formed to follow the Greek flag to the Firka Fortress.

As happened in 1913 when the two elder freedom fighters Anagnostis Mantakas and Chatzimichalis Giannaris raised the Greek flag in the Firka Fortress, on Monday, the Mayor of Chania along with other officials will hoist the Greek flag on the same spot, in memory of the events of that period.

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