New movie about the reunification of the Parthenon marbles out in cinemas

promakhosThe film “Promakhos” features two Greek attorneys fighting for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. The name of the film is inspired by the statue of Athena Promakhos (the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greek mythology) that used to stand on the Acropolis hill in antiquity.

The controversial film, which premiered this week in Athens, is a Greek, French, and British co-production directed by Greek-U.S. directors Coerte Vourhees and John Vourhees.

“The film’s aim is for people to learn the facts concerning the marbles’ removal and the struggle underway for their return and reunification in Athens,” John Voorhees told local media.

The release of the film comes a month after a high-profile team of London-based lawyers visited Athens, including Amal Clooney, wife of Hollywood star George Clooney.

The experts provided legal advice to the Greek government for the repatriation of the 2,500-year-old Marbles removed from the Parthenon in 1806 by Lord Elgin, British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, when it ruled Greece.

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