Christmas table cheaper but uncertainty weighs on Greeks

christmas tableThe Greek Christmas table will be cheaper this year compared to 2013, but despite the holiday mood in the market, consumers are affected by the uncertainty caused by the current political climate, Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (GSEVEE) president Giorgos Kavvathas said on Wednesday in an interview with state news agency ANA-MPA.

Kavvathas was also pessimistic over the possibility of market recovery during the holiday season. As he said, prices have been significantly reduced but the current political situation ahead of the election of new Greek president may affect consumption.

“We are entering a period of uncertainty as to what will happen. This reduces the households’ spending during the Christmas period. Besides, the opening of the stores on Sundays did not deliver any special results,” he argued.

Kavvathas also said that the 100 or 72 debt instalment settlement is “generous, but delayed by two years. Private debt especially that of the businesses, has reached such levels that does not allow the majority of entrepreneurs to make use of it.”


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