A Cretan Hospitality Professional Shines in Tripadvisor Exceptional Service Awards

leandrosFour hospitality professionals in Greece are among the winners of Tripadvisor’s inaugural Exceptional Service Awards. The travel site launched the awards to travelers asking them to nominate hospitality professionals who went above and beyond to deliver outstanding service in the past 12 months.

“Everyone who travels knows that the service you receive can elevate any trip to a memorable one,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor.

A recent TripAdvisor survey revealed that 67 percent of respondents did not think hospitality professionals receive sufficient recognition for their efforts.

“Through the Exceptional Service Awards, we’re trying to change that by acknowledging stars of the hospitality industry who made a difference by going the extra mile for their guests and clearly made a lasting impression on the TripAdvisor community,” Ms. Messing said.

After receiving more than 3,500 nominations in October 2014, TripAdvisor selected 40 winners across 21 countries worldwide. Winning hospitality professionals will receive a certificate and will be featured on TripAdvisor.

Among four winners, with their award-winning exceptional service stories, is Leandros Alygizaki from Kissamos.

Here’s the story…

Leandros Alygizaki, Leandros Beach, Kissamos

“Leandros contacted them (the car had the rental company name on) to say he had found the ring!”

Story by Tripadvisor traveler saml549“Whilst on our holiday we used the Leandros Beach bar & had a whole beach to ourselves. When we left & travelled back to where we were staying I realised I’d lost my engagement ring. We travelled back to try to find it & tried to explain the problem to Leandros (who didn’t speak English). He helped us to look for it but with no success. We sadly left & returned home.

Later that evening we received a call from our car rental company to say that Leandros contacted them (the car had the rental company name on) to say he had found the ring! They explained that after we left he searched for it for 3 hours on the beach! We visited the next day & sure enough he had it there waiting for me. I was so grateful to him & amazed at how much trouble he went to!”


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