Hellenic Federation of Enterprises asks for national cooperation

sevThe need for a national consensus is the “only way today” according to the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEB), in tonight’s announcement-intervention towards political developments.

SEV cautions against the possibility to slip back into yet another cycle of recession which is “visible and large, as sustainable development is also visible, after 5 years of sacrifice”. However, it adds, the clime of uncertainty and insecurity fostered by political upsurge, “halts” real economy and places both businesses and citizens as hostage to limited liquidity, undermining public revenue. Such a dangerous setback, SEV notes, affects all of us, especially the economically weak.

The points on which SEV asks for national cooperation in order to guarantee that businesses and citizens operate in a stable and predictable economic environment in 2015, are:

1. A high standards National Committee for the negotiation of public debt.
2. Reconciliation of parties for a constitutional revision in the next parliament.
3.Commitment by political forces of the country’s European course.
4. Utilization of European policies (European Central Bank liquidity, EU investment program), for the development of the economy, based on private initiative.

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