How Greece will get a new president

vouleftesThis Parliament has failed to elect a new Greek President  and will now be dissolved.

However, the new Parliament that will be elected on January 25 will be electing the President, come what may.

In fact, electing a President will be one of the first orders of business, right after electing its bureau (speaker, deputy speaker, secretaries and quaestors).

On the first ballot, a candidate must get the votes three-fifths of the total number of deputies, that is 180. On the second ballot, a simple majority, that is 151 votes, is enough.

On the third and final ballot, only the two top vote-getters from the second ballot will be able to stand as candidates and a simple majority of those voting – not the total number of MPs – is enough.

In the case of a single candidate in the final ballot, 75 votes are enough, constitutional scholars say.

The 5-year term of the current President, Karolos Papoulias, expires on March 12. Plenty of time, therefore, to elect a new President.

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