New landslides cause traffic problems on the National Road. Rescue operation of a family in Anogia

More problems on Crete from the morning rain on Friday.

In Anogia, local Fire Service had a rescue operation of a family. Fortunately, everything ended well.

The parents, along with their child and two more people, were trapped in their 4X4 car, due to heavy snowfall, in the area between Zominthos and Kroussaniotiko Gorge.


New landslides on the National Road from Chania to Heraklion at 5.30 p.m., close to Kalami junction.

Policemen are trying to control traffic until the small rocks, stones and mud are removed from the road.

Cars move on one side of the road, while there is a huge effort to remove the stones… in danger of a new landslide.


Drivers should be very careful on VOAK, as landslides are occured in many other places, such as Petres, Rethymnon.

In Omalos, cars can move on the roads only with snow chains.

Local Fire Service had more than 400 calls for pumping water from basements.

In particular, as reports,

  • 53 calls from Chania
  • 65 calls from Akrotiri
  • 33 calls from Livadia, Souda
  • 38 calls from Vamvakopoulo, Mournies and Perivolia
  • 118 calls from Daratso, Galatas, Agia Marina and Platanias

In one case at Livadia, firemen rescued an elderly who was trapped in her car and transferred her to the hospital.

Firemen had 13 rescue operations. They also transferred a pregnant woman to the hospital.

They also had 49 pumping water operations from houses, shops and basements, 3 cases of trapped people in elevators.

Fire Service in Kastelli, Kissamos received 90 calls and had 5 rescue operations.

Firemen also pumped water from basements in 43 cases.

Fire Service in Chania is waiting for help from Vrisses, Rethymnon and Heraklion.

Region of Crete asked from the Mayor of Chania to send a letter to the Ministry of Interior, in order to declare an emergency situation for the Municipality of Chania.

More than 20 hotels flooded in Platanias. MPs from ND political party, Mr. Christos Markogiannakis and Mr. Manoussos Voloudakis, were informed for all problems of the Municipality of Platanias -due to bad weather- by the Mayor of Platanias, Mr. Giannis Malandrakis.

The Municipality of Platanias will give to all “victims” of bad weather 586 euros in the next days and 5.869 euros to everyone who fills the application form for damages due to bad weather and has all necessary conditions to take the financial aid.

Stalos and Agia Marina have major problem in water supply, due to a major damage in the network of the Municipal Water and Sewage Company of Chania.

Omalos in… “white”

Photos from Omalos and Kallergi shelter.







“I am asking for the declaration of emergency situation in Kissamos”

The Mayor of Kissamos, Mr. Theodoros Stathakis, asks from the Vice Governor of Chania, Mr. Apostolos Voulgarakis, to declare emergency situation for the Municipality of Kissamos, due to serious damages from the bad weather of the last few days.

Major damage in Kiparissos




The road in Nteres… disappeared!!!



Landslides in Mesavlia, Anavos, Petra Seli and Fournes




Landslides in Heraklion

Municipal technical services of Heraklion are trying to find a solution for traffic problems in three specific villages.

There are traffic problems in Agios Mironas, Venerato and Kato Asites, due to landslides.

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