Coordinating body of the Region of Chania: “Stay at home”

sintonistiko3Because of the rapid deterioration of the weather, the coordinating body of the Region of Hania held an extraordinary meeting to decide how to prevent and address the problems that may arise.

It was recommended that all stayed calm and all should be given the correct information.

The Deputy Head emphasized that the services are on the alert and: “If properly organized, snowfall will not be a problem,” he said. For their part, the Mayors of the county, reported on losses from natural disasters over New Year and the measures taken locally, with cleaning wells, hiring contractors for the opening of roads etc.

Representatives of the Fire and Police called on citizens to limit their movements at night to a strict minimum.

“They ask you to stay in their homes at night,” said Mr. Voulgarakis (Deputy governor) and to restrict excursions to Omalos.

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