Epiphany Day all over Crete and a video from… 1944!



After the divine service for Epiphany Day at the Metropolitan church of Chania, the archbishop Damaskinos, along with many people, went to the Old Harbor -in front of the old customs building- to throw the Holy Cross in the water. Many “adventurous” men dived in the cold water to catch the Holy Cross, despite the “polar” temperature.

Defying the bad weather and cold that has fallen due to snow on the mountains, a young man jumped into the cold waters of the river in Vrysses and caught the Cross. The Cross was thrown by Father Manolis Valsamakis and many people attended the ceremony of blessing the waters including the Mayor of Apokoronos Ch. Koukianakis.


Many people were gathered at the Potamon Dam to watch the water blessing ceremony for the Epiphany Day. Some of them dived to the lake to catch the Holy Cross, having no fear for… “Sifis” the crocodile.


A 32 year old man from Heraklion caught the Holy Cross in the water of the harbor of Heraklion. Many people went also to “Cretaquarium” to watch the blessing ceremony in the biggest tank, along with… sharks.

photo from zarpa.gr and video from candianews.gr

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