Dead man from fumes in Heraklion. Woman “trapped” in her house in Lassithi


A 35 year old man from Roussohoria in the Municipality of Minoa Pediados, Heraklion, lost his life at night, trying to warm.

He tried to turn on a heating generator, because electricity had been cut off for several hours.

The 35 year old man breathed fumes coming from the heat stove and died, but it seems that he had health problems with his heart.

He also tried to turn on the generator, in an attempt to help his nephropathic father having a dialysis with an electric machine, at home.

The 35 year old man was found unconscious by his mother. She called for an ambulance, but it was too late for him


Meanwhile, firemen rescued an elderly woman in Koudoumalia, Lassithi, as her house collapsed, due to heavy snow.

But fortunately, she was in another house nearby!

Firemen reached the village, cleaned the road and gave her food and water.