Major problems all over Crete due to snow. People “trapped” in villages. Schools closed. Problems in transportation

omalos_dyoMany people -who stay in local hotels- are “trapped” at the plateau of Omalos. The road from Lakki to Omalos is still closed.

Eight people (a family with three children – a breeder with his son and a worker) are “trapped” in Kato Asites, Heraklion. A heavy crawler machine operates in the area, but, according to the President of the Municipal Council of Kato Asites… three days will be needed to complete the rescue operation.

An elderly woman is “trapped” in Livadi village at Kroussonas. She is in desperate need of her medicines. A team of EMAK will try again on Friday morning to reach the village and rescue her.

Also, two couples are”trapped” in the village of Livadi, inside a small guest room, surrounded by snow. Another rescue operation by EMAK.

A woman -with a broken arm- who was “trapped” in Omalos, was transferred to the General Hospital of Chania, after a successful operation of the local Fire Service.

From early in the morning, all heavy snowplow machines of the Technical Services of the Region of Crete and the Municipalities of the island started to clean the roads from snow.

Governor of Crete, Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis, asked from the General Secretary of Civil Protection, Mr. Seraphim Tsokas, to declare an emergency situation for the Municipality of Oropedio Lassithiou.

In particular,


– Roads are open, except the road from Lakki to Omalos, which will be cleaned until early in the evening.

– Road from Vrisses to Sfakia is open.

– Road to Asi Gonia is open. Problem with electricity and telecommunications.

– Road to Kallikratis is still closed. Problem with electricity and telecommunications.

– There no buses routes to Sfakia, Lakki, Sembronas, Karanou, Omalos and Elos.


– Major problems in Milopotamos, from Garazo to Anogia and also in Agios Vasilios.


– Rescue operations in Viannos and Asites.

– All roads are clean in the Municipality of Heraklion.

– Major problems in Gergeri, Gortina.


– Three heavy crawler machines are trying to clean and open the road from Agios Nikolaos to Oropedio.

– Problems from snow in Armeni and Hantra villages (Sitia) and Males (Ierapetra).

– Ten people are “trapped” in Selakano, but -fortunately- roads are clean and open.


Schools are closed in:

Chania – Kandanos, Sfakia, Rodovani, Elos.

Rethymnon – Argiroupoli, Miriokefala, Episkopi, Gonia, Armeni, Anogia, Krana, Garazo, Sivritos, Fourfouras, Agios Vassilios, Spili, Koxares.

Heraklion – Dafnes, Vassilies, Agios Silas, Voutes, Stavrakia, Skalani, Agios Vlassis, Profitis Ilias, Kyparissi, Ano Asites, Kato Asites, Agios Mironas, Venerato, Karkadiotissa, Mohos, Gonies, Asteroussia, Kroussonas.