Athens International Airport breaks passenger traffic record in 2014

elefth_venizBased on the data released by the Athens International Airport, the overall passenger traffic for the month of December reached 1.06 million, returning to the “above 1 million” levels after 5 years, similar to the respective November record.

Domestic travelers presented an impressive growth of 40.0% and international passengers continued their consistent growth, above the 20% mark, resulting to an overall robust increase of 27.1%.

During December, Greek travelers continued to show a strong growth of almost 23%, with an outstanding increase in their domestic trips (+45%).

Foreign visitors travelling to Athens only, grew by an impressive 36%, reaffirming the attractiveness of Athens as a destination, even during the winter period.

Overall, during the year 2014, the airport’s passenger traffic reached 15.2 million, exceeding prior-year levels by 2.7 million passengers, corresponding to a significant increase of 21.2%, with both domestic and international traffic achieving similar levels of growth (+22.5% and +20.5% respectively).

ASA attributes this successful results to a series of key factors, including the stabilization of the economy, the strengthening of the city’s attractiveness, and the significant increase in the capacity offered by airlines.