Stealing “electricity, office desks and petrol” from the Municipality of Apokoronas

dimarxeio_armenwnLocal Authorities in Apokoronas are looking for the unknown perpetrators who “invaded” into the former City Hall of Armeni at Kalives and stole all wooden office desks. It seems like they knew what they were doing, because they had a key for the front door of the building.

In another case, as reports, a man “was stealing” power from a PPC station close to his house in Kalives. He was giving power to a light projector, in order to keep his house… safe from burglars. According to information, he was a member of the Municipal Council a few years ago.

Municipal Authority of Apokoronas is also looking for unknown perpetrators at the Municipal Parking Station in Vrisses, as it was found that a large amount of petrol -for the heavy machinery of the Municipality- was missing.

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