Greek Dairy Company Expands in USA

fageGreek dairy product company FAGE has been trying to increase its production capacity in foreign markets. A few days ago, the company announced that work on its new U.S. production facility was completed.

The facility, which cost a total of 120 million dollars, is expected to be fully operational by spring 2015, creating 150 jobs in Johnstown Industrial Park, NY. The company currently employs 240 people at its existing factory.

FAGE aims to double the factory’s production capacity. Meanwhile, the company’s investment that reached 200 million dollars, is expected to aid in promoting the products across the United States and increase public demand. According to a company representative, this move indicates that FAGE has decided to focus on the US market but also create opportunities in new markets.

Furthermore, the company is also exploring its growth options in the UK, even though it has been well established in that market for over 30 years. FAGE’s UK marketing director, Alison While, noted that the total yoghurt sales in the country have dropped by 0.9%, while Greek yoghurt sales are showing an increase of 29%.

Aiming at a higher market share, FAGE launched a new advertising campaign on British television, focusing on the difference of Greek strained yogurt, in an attempt to educate UK consumers.