VIDEO: SOS from a rudderless motorship at Kolimbari, Chania


Motorship “Mare” (Saint Vincent flag), was sailing rudderless wayward off Kolymbari (almost 1 n.m.).

The 6-member crew (4 from Turkey, 1 from Azerbaijan and 1 from Georgia) were on board.

Α Sikorsky helicopter of the Hellenic Navy reached the area and took all crew members to the 115 Flight Combat at Akrotiri.

Three tugs docked the ship at the port of Kolimbari.

The 79 m. long motorship was going from Turkey to Tunisia.

According to information, “Mare” had a problem with its anchors, but finally threw one of them 0,5 n.m. away from Kolimbari.

Also, another freighter (Cyprus flag), docked in the port of Sfakia, due to bad weather.

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