Amazing video for the unknown gorges of Crete by the Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research

Crete is full of natural beauties, such as the gorges. Except Samaria, do you know the gorges of Asteroussia (Tsoutsouros, Troula, Gidofaraggo, Voidomatis, Ampas, Ethianos, Kakoperatos and Tripiti)?

An amazing video of the Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research presents to you some places… you could never imagine…

Canyons: Highlighting a valuable hidden world in Heraklion prefecture (Crete island)

The Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research (HISR) is a non-governmental, non-profit, scientific organization founded at the end of 2001. The aims of HISR are the promotion of scientific research, contribution to the education and the public awareness and contribution to the conservation and management of the karstic areas and the subterranean environment of Greece. It publishes the journal Hellenic Speleological Archives. Up to now there are 57 members, both scientists and amateurs, supporting its activities.

H.I.S.R. has participated in Greek and international projects related to field research, documentation, data basing and conservation of the cave fauna of Greece and the Balkans. It maintains a collection of cave animal specimens from circa 1,000 caves of Greece alone. It also maintains a complete archive of all publications related to the cave fauna of Greece including a full bibliographic list and a database on all the cavernicolous species.