Two rescue operations in Omalos and in Kallergi Shelter

kalergis2Local Authorities were informed in the morning that there were two injured poeple in a rough place, close to Kallergi Shelter.

Firemen, along with volunteers, went to the shelter and found the couple.

The woman was seriously injured, but with no danger for her life.

Both were transferred with an ambulance to Chania Hospital.

Rescue operation for a 24 year old American

Earlier on Sunday morning, a 24 year old American was injured when he was at Xiloskalo, trying to cross the Samaria Gorge.

The young Amrican tried to enter the Gorge, although it was closed, and after five minutes he fell and injured in his flanks.

He stopped and called the Authorities.

Shortly after 10.30 a.m., the Fire Service of Chania was informed for the incident, while head officer of the Civile Protection of Chania called all breeders of Omalos to go to the place where the American told that he was.

Shortly after 11 a.m., volunteers founr the young American, who was transferred with an ambulance to Chania Hospital.

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