Greece vs Portugal: The ultimate tourism battle – Cost of a meal in Crete and Algarve

navagio_beachTravel Supermarket, a British website that focuses on travel deals, recently published an article that compares two of the most popular summer destinations, Greece and Portugal, in an highly original “holiday tug-of-war.”

This amusing battle comprises many rounds, focusing on different aspects of the two islands: The beaches, the weather, the flight times, food and drink and of course value for money.

As one would expect, Greece has the clear advantage in some areas. As the article states, for sheer choice and diversity, Greece just tips the balance in the category of beaches.

As for the weather, this is a close call as “both destinations see temperatures sitting in the balmy mid- to late-twenties during the summer months.”

Portugal wins in the category of flight times, as the British travelers can expect a flight time of around three hours from the UK to Portugal’s Faro airport, while getting to the Greek islands can take up to four-and-a-half hours.

According to the article, both destinations have fantastic cuisine. Greek cuisine characterized “a real treat” with indulgent mezzes crammed with dolmades, creamy tzatziki and warm pitta as well as bowls of bubbling moussaka and scrumptious spanakopita.

As for the category of value for money, the article notes that Portugal comes out on top, as eating out would be more affordable in Algarve compared with a meal in Crete.

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