The Welfare Association of Apokoronas

apokoronasThe welfare association of Apokoronas has been created for the improvement of every day life of the citizens of the municipality. It’s operation is financed by E.U. Funds (E.S.P.A), programmes of the “Periferia”, volunteer donations and the Municipality.

It operates with an independent council that consists of:

Argyro Benaki, president.
– Niki Vryonaki-Niolaki, vice-president.
– Petros Vagionakis, Kristalia Manolaki, Nikita Paizi, Petros Panigirakis, Pavlos Rozakis, members. (There are also several deputy members)

The functions of the association are:
-Organizing cultural actions and events.
-Actions with the participation of volunteers for the improvement and the propmotion of the environment.
-Social frontistirio (Free tutoring) that operates with a continuous time table after school lessons finish in Vamos and Vrysses.
-Apokoronas Blood bank, the blood donating is organized by the municipality and takes place every month in the Chania hospital. (This will also help those from the UK – and other countries – who may have no close family or friends to donate in need – or who are unable to donate due to EU laws) Anyone who would like to know more about this and volunteer please let me know.
-Social supermarket, open every wednesday from 11 to 13 in Nippos. The criteria for inclusion are economic. The application for the inclusion of those who don’t have the necessary documents, are examined in collaboration with the local authorities (cultural associations, priest, help at home and local council) The supermarket operates with all goods, in-going and out-going recorded. ( The accounts are available for all to see on request)

The Regulation (223/2014) on the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived only stipulates that the operations supported by the Fund shall be located in Member States, but does not include any provisions relating to the citizenship of the potential end recipients. The Regulation therefore does not contain any legal basis to limit the support to EU nationals. The food is distributed regardless of race, colour or creed.
-Food distribution for the beneficiaries every month.
-Operation of three kindergartens in Armeni, Maza and Mouri.
-Help at home for the area of the ex municipality of Armeni. The rest of the area is currently covered by the Agia Sofia association.

A list of general volunteers who may wish to help with any skills they possess, such as shopping for an elderly person or sitting which them when their carer is out, helping in a garden, joining in a clear up of a beauty spot, emergency help in the event of a crisis – earthquake etc. – Could you take it on yourself to check on an elderly neighbour in that sort of event? and much more.

Future projects of the welfare association, include the creation of a IEK school (Technical college) for the professional education of the young of Apokoronas and a Women’s association for the preservation and showcasing of traditional activities which will also help to bring in a small income to the women taking part.

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