Five new top cruise companies are coming to Chania. 68 arrivals in 2015

  • Five new top cruise companies will come for first time in Chania at the port of Souda in 2015 and 2016
  • 68 arrivals and 90.000 tourists are expected in 2015

royalprincessMSC Cruises (May 2015), Crystal Cruises (September 2015), Costa Cruises (November 2015), Princess Cruises (April 2016) and Aida Cruises (November 2016) are coming to Chania, as announced by the general manager of the Local Port Authority of Chania, Mr. Costas Brokalakis.

All companies have modern and luxury cruise ships, offering top services to all passengers.

Especially, Princess Cruises has two new cruise ship, constructed in 2013 (Royal Princess) and 2014 (Regal Princess).

The company is well known for its “World Cruises”, reaching almost every port, in a trip lasting 4 months.

Chania and Rhodes will be the only ports in Greece, participating in a “World Cruise”.

The presence of all five companies at the port of Souda is a result of a continuous effort and contacts in the USA and Europe, and also the participation of Chania in Cruise Exhibitions around the world.

It has to be mentioned that cruise ships of Royal Caribbean International will come 31 times in Chania (9 times in 2014), meaning a raise of 300%.

21 ships with a capacity over 2.000 passengers will dock in Chania in 2015 (5 in 2014).

“Local Port Authority of Chania will try its best for 2016 and 2017, in order to continue promoting the tourist product of Chania and showing everyone that we are a high quality cruise destination”, said Mr. Brokalakis.

See all arrivals of cruise ships in Souda for 2015 in a pdf file (click here).

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