Greece in top headlines from Argentina to Seychelles

international_mediaAs the crucial Greek snap election culminates and the country is inundated by hundreds of foreign reporters and correspondents, international media were quick on focus on the importance of the poll.


The French news agency described the course of ruling New Democracy party under outgoing PM Antonis Samaras in the headline:  “The Greek prime minister’s a gambler who has lost in the past “, referring to a politician not afraid to take risks. However, as the author of the article predicts, this characteristic is likely to deprive him of victory in today’s elections.

Further, APF illustrates a more personal description of Samaras and his attitude.

New York Times

“Greek vote represents a referendum on austerity” is the New York Times headline the Greek  election.

As the newspaper explains, after so many years of  a”tight (economic) girdle”, as fitted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Alexis Tsipras promises to renegotiate the debt of 270 billion euros, which many Greeks blame for the collapse of the standard of their living.


On the other hand, the London daily Guardian focused on the risks of a SYRIZA victory and te party’s European course.

“The leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, appeared confident and relaxed on his way to vote” , writes Guardian and continues by stressing that his allies consisting of ‘Maoists, Marxists, Euro-Communists, Socialists and Greens seem confident that conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras does not stand a chance, but they are by no means certain that they will be able to gather the 151 seats of a single-party government.”

Corriere della Sera

Italy’s Corriere della Sera published a headline reading: “all eyes of Europe are on Athens”.

The Italian newspaper describes Alexis Tsipras as a leader who convinced a majority of Greeks who are oppressed by the economic crisis, when the time of austerity seems be ending.

On the other hand, Corriere della Sera refers to the fear of lenders, caused of a possible single-party government of SYRIZA.

Times of Oman

In remote Oman, the “Times of Oman” hosts statements of Greek citizens expressing their hope for change, but also their concern for tomorrow.

“The possibility of a victory by Alexis Tsipras sparks fears in Greece about whether to commit in repaying the loan or to abandon the euro,” says the newspaper.

Kuwait News Agency

It is indicative that the elections concern even Kuwait, since a dispatch by the Kuwait News Agency refers to a “critical electoral battle,” pointing out that “the Greek crisis threatens the stability of the Eurozone and gave birth to the idea of Grexit”.

Seychelles News Agency

Greek elections even got top billing in the Indian Ocean island state of Seychelles, as the local news agency estimates that a probable SYRIZA victory causes fear in the country on whether the leftist party will honor its commitments, and fear of a Grexit.

Buenos Aires Herald

The Argentinean newspaper sets out what the new government will be required to do.

With the title “The next government of Greece has a huge list of obligations”, the Buenos Aires Herald makes an extensive report of those obligations.

Irish Times

According to the Irish Times, “SYRIZA hopes that other countries will begin to tend towards the Left” and adds that “Greek elections will affect the Irish”.