Thessaloniki among National Geographic’s Top 10 Nightlife Cities

thessalonikiThessaloniki, the “Jewel of northern Greece,” is included in a list of Top 10 “Nightlife Cities” that was published recently by the prestigious National Geographic magazine.

The list features the world’s hottest urban party spots, ones catering to all tastes – glitzy, gritty, seductive and even strange.

“Thessaloniki has more cafés per capita than any other European city,” notes the magazine and makes specific reference to Syngrou/Valaoritou and Ladadika districts and the amazing beaches a short drive away from the metropolis.

Read below the full list of Top 10 Nightlife Cities, according to National Geographic.

1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Belgrade, Serbia
3. La Paz, Bolivia
4. São Paulo, Brazil
5. San Juan, Puerto Rico
6. Goa, India
7. Ibiza, Spain
8. Houston, Texas
9. Thessaloniki, Greece
10. Baku, Azerbaijan